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“Rather go to bed without dinner than to rise in debt”

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Debt Free Program

Liberty Debt USA, has design a special program for you, to eliminate all your debt.

It is proven that at the end of the “Debt Free” program; all your accounts will be fully paid.

Of course, you aren’t going to pay your debts into one day; however, we are going to help you to be debts free in the minimum time.


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What are we?

We are a credit repair company, we provide a program to our clients, where we advise and help them to pay their debts, through the re-negotiation of these with their creditors.

Your Benefits

Have a plan

Designed to your economic situation

Renegotiate your debt

To get up to 60% discount


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All your debts in a single account

Improve your credit

How our program works


We will study your debts, then we will analyze the savings that can be obtained under the “Debt Free” program and later, we will review the monthly payment options.


An advisor will give you the options of monthly payments and you will decide how much you can pay per month, your advisor will tell you how long it will be “Debt free”


Finally, after our experts have re-negotiated and liquidated all your debts, you will find yourself FREE OF DEBTS.

See if you qualify to:

  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Pay off credit card debts faster
  • Reduce your interest Rates
  • Settle your credit cards for less


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